Saturday, February 6, 2010

PsychoPath XPath2 processor update: fn:name() function fix

While writing following blog post, (dated, Jan 31, 2010) [1], I actually unearthed a bug in PsychoPath XPath 2 processor, whereby the XPath2 fn:name() function didn't evaluate properly with zero arity (it raised a "context undefined" exception, even if a context item existed).

This bug led me to use the, fn:local-name() (whose implementation was correct) function instead, for the above mentioned blog post [1].

The good news is, that now this bug with fn:name() function is fixed (ref,

For the example given in the blog post [1], the given XSD 1.1 assertion could now be written like following, as well:
  <xs:assert test="(*[1]/name() = ('fname', 'lname')) and 
                 (*[2]/name() = ('fname', 'lname'))" />

(instead, of the "local-name" function as used in the mentioned blog post [1])

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