Saturday, July 4, 2009

PsychoPath XPath 2.0 processor update

Dave Carver and I have been trying to improve the Eclipse XPath 2.0 processor (a.k.a PsychoPath) during last couple of weeks. My motivation to keep working on PsychoPath engine has been a desire, to help Eclipse and Apache (Apache Xerces-J uses PsychoPath engine for XML Schema 1.1 processing) communities to be able to have a highly compliant XPath 2.0 engine.

Dave has written today, a progress update of PsychoPath development on this blog. I feel, we now have a pretty good XPath 2.0 implementation with PsychoPath. We are continuing to work on remaining non-compliant items, with PsychoPath. The remaining non compliance cases, to my opinion are near edge cases which users don't use too often. But we'll continue to solve them, with each future day and weeks.

Update on 2009-07-11: During last couple of days, Dave Carver has made quite a few useful improvements to PsychoPath, and the W3C XPath 2.0 test suite within Eclipse. I took an update today of the latest PsychoPath sources, and the XPath 2.0 test suite, and following are the latest test results:

Total tests: 8137
Failures: 811
Errors: 48

This reflects, the test pass success rate of about 89.5%. I think, this is quite good. Lot of credit of these improvements should go to Dave Carver. Dave has single handedly, created a JUnit version of the full W3C XPath 2.0 test suite, which is in itself a great feat! Having JUnit tests, helps us tremendously to run the XPath 2.0 tests, from within Eclipse.

Update on 2009-08-09: Following are the current PsychoPath test data:
Total tests: 8137
Failures: 386
Errors: 24
This reflects a test suite pass percentage of about, 95% which looks very impressive. The test suite code coverage, is about 75-80%.
Lot of credit for the latest PsychoPath improvements should go to, "Jesper S Møller" who has recently volunteered to help improve PsychoPath with the XPath 2.0 test suite. Dave Carver is also putting in his time, on PsychoPath improvements.

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